Redefining the claims experience

Outcomes-oriented TPA making the entire claims ecosystem more efficient, accurate, and a more humane experience

Why We Exist

The insurance claim is misunderstood. Claimants think insurers don’t want to settle claims, adjusters aren’t properly incentivized, and the TPA space has become a race to the bottom.

Foundational barriers prevent incumbents from addressing key challenges in the claims experience.

Dated technology.

The best-in-class systems for incumbents are those that were built in house and remain functional, but don’t enable adjusters to be better at what they do – adjust claims.

Limited data.

Data capture and transfer capabilities are vastly outdated. This prevents the effective migration of clients and meaningful analytics to manage the loss ratio.

Talent drag.

Growing number of employees are seeking independent work arrangements. Businesses must focus on tasks best done by humans and automate the rest.

Poor customer service.

Customer service in the industry has been focused on servicing clients with a passive approach to insureds.

Services and Approach

P&C Focus

P&C Focus

We are a trusted and fully compliant TPA that processes all types of claims across the P&C landscape. From property damage in Florida or a professional liability claim in Wisconsin  to crop damage in the United Kingdom, we’ve got you covered.

Analytics and Reporting.

Analytics and Reporting.

Well-architected data warehouse and next-generation analytics tools enables Reserv to scalably provide our clients with unlimited data access and insights while automating reporting for your underwriting teams.

Global Reach.

Global Reach.

With claims teams across North America, the United Kingdom, and the EU, we are fully licensed to handle claims wherever your team is underwriting policies. We partner with different Insurers, MGAs, and Self-Insureds around the world to provide them exceptional outcomes.

AI-Driven Engine.

AI-Driven Engine.

We are automating the mundane and humanizing the complex for adjusters to focus on the most important tasks. Our AI-powered claims technology delivers rigorous analysis in partnership with our adjusters, from FNOL through settlement. Our service is rooted in proprietary, collaborative claims intelligence.

Strategic Thought Partner.

Strategic Thought Partner.

Our team is comprised of leaders who have led countless claims organizations and have deep expertise to address your organization’s most pressing challenges. We only recruit highly experienced adjusters and use a data-driven training approach to continuously help our adjusters further develop their expertise.


Optimal and efficient outcomes.

Adjusters leverage a data-driven set of digital workflow tools to drive down cycle time, capture the right information, and make claims interactions more efficient and satisfying.


Rapid development and deployment of AI tools that automate the mundane and serve as a guide for adjusters to more efficiently work through an open claim.

White-glove service.

With better workflow and analytical tools, Reserv gives adjusters more time in their day so that they can prioritize the most complicated claims and focus on premium service to their carrier clients.

Modern technology stack.

Digital-native TPA built on modern systems without legacy tech debt, enabling easy integration of new technology partners and rapid development of solutions that solve the hardest problems in claims.

Broad and deep expertise.

We attract and train the best adjuster talent, source specialist adjusters fluidly, and reimagine TPA claims adjuster culture. Data-driven and AI-led training enable our adjusters to continually grow and refine their own expertise.

Usable, useful, and applied data.

We capture and structure every data point. Reserv makes data science, reporting, and APIs easily accessible and consumable for claims leaders, underwriters and partners alike - while fully automating reporting for their teams

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